Play it safe: Home security tips

While crime is an unfortunate reality for all South Africans, it’s not reason enough to want to make us move to a remote island far away – our country, after all, includes some of the most precious fauna, flora,  natural beauty and wonderful people (just look at your friends and family!) Instead, why not make a few simple security updates that will truly make your home a safe space for everyone? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

We’re often surprised by how many homes don’t feature the basic security solutions. So, before you turn into James Bond, rather ensure that you have the basics covered:

Burglar Bars: Nowadays, keeping intruders out of your home doesn’t have to be an eyesore to your property – thanks to the new clear, transparent bars! Even more impressive is that these bars are between 250 to 400 times stronger than metal bars. There are a number of companies in South Africa that will install these or provide them with DIY instructions.

Spotlights: Motion-censored spotlights is a very easy and cost-effective way to keep intruders at bay – or to chase them away if they plan on trespassing.


larm System: Installing an alarm system that’s connected to a registered security company – as they provide manpower in the case of an emergency – can instantly turn your home into a safe haven. For those who are looking for an inexpensive solution – simple wireless door and window alarms (that ring when the window/door is opened) can also do a great job to deter burglars.

Alarm Warning Signage: Don’t underestimate the power of warning decals on all street-facing doors and windows! While it might not physically prevent someone from breaking in, it will make him or her think twice before picking your home…

Replace burnt-out outdoor light bulbs: This is an important factor to consider if you don’t have motion-censored spotlights – if the light outside doesn’t work anymore, make sure you replace it immediately. Why? Well, turning on a light when you hear a rustle outside might just be the thing that deters intruders from entering your property.

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